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Happy Birthday Steve Jobs

Updating OSX to 10.7.3

Take Macintosh out for a test drive

My thought on how the folder¬†should work¬†in the desktop for Mac OSX. Just the way it works with “Applications”, “Documents” and “Downloads” folder in the dock. Clicking on the folder icon in the desktop for few seconds it should show the contents inside that folder in the same manner. I would love to see this feature.

WWDC 2010 banners focus on iPhone OS 4 features, App Store success

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Aperture 3 successfully installed :), now it’s time to explore new features

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What’s new in Aperture 3?

Organize photos using face detection and recognition tools.

Use GPS data to explore photos by the location where they were shot.

Retouch precisely with nondestructive, edge-aware brushes.

Full-Screen Browser
Use every inch of your brilliant Mac display to browse and edit.

Advanced Slideshows
Create slideshows with photos, HD video, titles, and layered soundtracks.

and 200+ new features

Just added Magic Mouse to my Mac family :)

Steve Jobs photo print out for my room :)

Steve Jobs photo print out for my room :)