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Game Of Thrones - Ramin Djawadi Feat. Dominik Hauser [Theme]

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Currently Listening to “The Heavy - How You Like Me Now [EP]”

I LOVE MUSIC and I want to listen them the way they should be (the sound quality, bass and all the instruments).

I have been checking out few earphones from Beats by Dr. Dre from last few days and was lucky to spot them at Thamel, Kathamandu.

Yesterday I made up my mind that I want one of these “tour" version of the earphones and started to go through the reviews from the users who are already using it and after reading reviews from different sources from different links, I came to the knowledge that it’s not how it has been promoted and my heart was not willing to accept it and I myself wanted to check them out.

So, I went to the shop in Thamel where I spotted those earphones and asked the guy if I can check the sound quality of “tour" before I invest in it and the guy agreed to let me try one of those. The minute I used it in my iPhone I was instantly disappointed with the noise isolation quality, I could hear most of the sounds from outside. That was no#1 disappointment and #2 WHERE IS THE BASS??? First I thought may the song I was playing don’t have much bass to I changed the track to "Amon Tobin - Lost and Found" track, the result was same and the poor isolation was just not right. So, I made up my mind to cancel purchasing that earphones. The build quality is excellent but sound quality matters the most which was lacking in that earphones.

Now, I am looking for 600vi Noise Isolation in-earphones from Logitech again. 500vi is the one I am using right now and “tour” cannot compete with this one.


Currently Listening to “Gold Cobra”, Limp Bizkit in the house Ya’ll

Currently Listening to “Gold Cobra”, Limp Bizkit in the house Ya’ll


Ewan Dobson - Time 2